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Redeem Gold Points® Today and Help Reduce Carbon Emissions Worldwide

As a Club Carlson℠ member, you now have the ability to redeem your Gold Points® to help the environment by offsetting carbon emissions around the world.

For every 7,500 points you redeem with Carbon Footprint, you'll help offset one ton of carbon PLUS plant one tree - comparable to offsetting the emissions from driving 5,000 miles in an average-sized sedan car, or a flight from London (UK) to Cairo.*

Redeem your points today to contribute to investments in renewable energy in India and the replanting of trees in the Great Rift Valley in Kenya.

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Redeem by Phone Today:

Toll-free U.S. and Canada +1 (888) 288-8889
Caribbean, Mexico, Central and South America +1 (402) 501-5623
Europe, Middle East and Africa + 44-207-949-0378
Asia Pacific + 61-2-9320-4477

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*Estimates provided by Carbon Footprint.

Terms and Conditions:

Club Carlson members may redeem Club Carlson Gold Points� (�Points�) to Carbon Footprint Ltd (�CFL�) in increments of 7,500 Points. A minimum redemption of 7,500 Points is required; there is no maximum number of Points a member may redeem. Redeemed Points are converted to a financial contribution to CFL for them to manage based on designated initiatives. Redemptions may be submitted online via the Club Carlson website or by calling Member Services. If a submitted redemption amount exceeds the member's available Point balance at time of processing, the transaction will not be processed and no redemption will be made. Please allow four weeks for redemption transactions to be processed and withdrawn from the Member�s Club Carlson account. Member's redemption of Points to CFL is not tax deductible. Void where prohibited by law. To the maximum extent permitted by law, Club Carlson reserves the right to add, modify or discontinue these terms and conditions and the option to redeem Points at any time with or without notice. Submitting a request to redeem Points constitutes your acceptance of these terms and conditions.